AfterCare Instructions

The first thing you may notice is that immediately after installation of the extensions and for the next day or two , your scalp may itch noticeably or feel a little tender. This is normal, and will go away by the third day at the most (for more people it only last into the secound day of wear or may not happen at all). Rest assured that this is not a sign of of a serious scalp problem, just a symptom of the new thigtness and slight extra weight on your scalp. Running cool water over your scalp will soothe it.Do not scratch the area just gently press or tap to alleviate the itch.


The best brush for use with hair extensions is one with soft bristles that bend easily and a cushioned bristle-base. This brush will have been provided for you at your fitting. Stiff, hard-bristled brushes will rip your hair from your head if you try and use these on your scalp. These should only be used when brushing the middle to bottom of your hair extensions. When brushing your hair, remember to start by brushing the last few inches of your hair and then slowly work you way out; trying to brush though the length of you rhair all at once will only tighten the tangles and this can rip the extensions out of your hair. Always hold the hair in your hand above the brush , so that you dont tug on your scalp while you brush. Once you get to the hair at the top of your hair, only use the special brush provided. Put your hand against your head and old the extensions to your scalp. Then brush completly over your extensions bonds/micro links like you would brush your normal hair around that area. Remember the most gentle your are with your hair, the longer it will last and the better it will look. Always remember to be extra careful when brushing your hair when it is wet.


Your extensions should only be washed 1-3 times per week; any more than that, and you will dry out your extensions hair, you will also soften the bonds more quickly. Use a gentle good quality shampoo (cheaper brands are sometimes more drying) and rub the hair gently, dont scrub it roughly (a common prblem with people who have oily scalps is that they think their hair is unclean so when they wash their hair they scrub thinking they are giving their hair better wash but in fact they are making the problem worse. If you have an oily scalp then you should gently and condition your hair and use warm water rather than hot. Rubbing hard and using hot water actually stimulates your sebaceous gland around each individual hair strand which then produce more oil thus a more oily scalp than tobegin with), next apply a good conditioner but try and stay away from the bonds, you can condition straight underneath them but not to get conditioner on them. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly. NEVER use a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Wash and rinse the hair in one direction; don't flip your head over while washing.


ALWAYS fully brush your hair out and put it back in a braid or pony tail when exercising, sleeping, or doing others activities which will tousle your hair.

Please remember that i have 100% fix-it guarantee; i will perform for free any necessary maintenance on your extensions to make sure they work for you. To that end, if you believe that anything at all is wrong with your extensions or if you have any questions, please email or text me before deciding that something is a problem (it might not be!) You must contact me before pursuing other remedies or taking out the extensions, or the guarantee not longer applies..


Thank you for taking the time to read these instructions.

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